Wednesday, 6 January 2016

DIY - Pop Art Marilyn

Happy New Year, Sassy Peeps. Hope you had a good one!

I have been obsessed with cushions of late. Only made three but I visit my second home Abakhan (fabric store), with fabric for cushions in mind. Thus, I head straight for the home furnishings section.

Statement cushions are fun projects. You could throw one amongst your plains to give your home a fun lift.  I don't have many cushions but something tells me that will change in the future. Cool statement cushions, to me are like pieces of art, and since pop art cushions had been taunting me around the web for quite some time, I was determined to make my own.

The will was there,  just needed the right fabric, to make this a reality. I was on a mission! Scouted my nearest fabric shops with no success. Searched ebay with renewed hope. Boom! There looking back with pleading eyes  -  non other than a pop art Marilyn Monroe fabric panel. Price including postage £3.50.   Pulled the trigger on the purchase without a moments hesitation, and waited for it's arrival with baited breath.  

image source: ebay seller aa.clearance

I wasn't a fan of the black and white cinema reel edges. Chopped part, concealed the rest within the seam allowance.  Intended to try my hand at piping for this cushion to give it an edge, literally and figuratively, but my pain in the a** life got in the way.  I found myself procrastinating - something I excel at.

So the day came when my inner self screamed, girlfriend, stop making excuses and get the goddamn cushion cover sorted. Yes ma'am! I replied. Hmm, yes - I talk to myself. I lined the beauty it in a strawberry pink lining fabric using black Duchess Satin for the reverse.  Plush eh. Fabric I had in my stash, but Marilyn is one classy lady so why not.

Threw in a regular cushion insert from one of my other cushions. Incidentally,  this cushion is breathing some life into my tired, dated couch. Didn't think I would see the day. But hey miracles do happen. This is my favourite project to date. Love it! I have another Marilyn panel enroute to me as I type. Next time I intend to change it up. This one will be retired to my craft room in due course.

Until Next Time

Sassy T


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

DIY Zebra Foldover Clutch

Am a fan of the foldover clutch and have been itching to make one for quite some time. I decided I would do a dummy run with some brown zebra print, cotton canvas fabric, I had languishing in my stash. There are scores of tutes on the web. I used this one by

It was really easy to make, I followed the tute to the letter but added a wrist strap. Again there are numerous tutes for this on google - can't recall which one I used. I was so pleased with the end product and intend to use it one day, depending on what am wearing. 

I will make a few more of these but will change it up a bit. Will try some faux leather, a gold metal zip and some other hardware. Will also add a tab to the zipper end. Getting quite excited thinking about it. Am sad like that. 

I lined the clutch in a raspberry red lining fabric.


Until next time

Sassy T


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Tilly & The Buttons - African Clemence

Image Source:

Am a fan of gathered skirts aka dirndl skirts. In particular those made with African fabric. I appreciate not everyone finds a gathered skirt flattering. But for me it's all good. One: they are so easy to make. Two: I like the style.

I had been looking for African fabric that wasn't waxed, I find it too stiff. I know it will probably soften in the wash but I wanted a wax-free African fabric. Each time I visited my second home Abakhan, I would rummage through the African fabric section to no avail. I was beginning to think I would never see any wax-free African fabric . . .  until one day, I got lucky. Now I won't say I was blown away by the fabric I would say more seduced by the fact it wasn't waxed. So in the basket it went and I was a happy customer.


A couple of weeks passed before I reached for my Tilly's and The Buttons - Love at First Stitch book, and knocked a Clemence out. My version falls at the centre of my knee. I prefer a longer length, so next time I will amend the pattern accordingly. I added pockets. Bound them and the hem with a raspberry pink rayon binding. I hand sewed the hem with a catch stitch. Ooo look at me. Wasn't that long ago I thought, Whaaat ! Hand sew my hems . . .  you must be j-o-k-i-n-g. Catchstitch? Nah looks too much trouble, ain't got the time. 

Well how the tide has changed. Never thought I would say this, but I enjoy hand sewing my hems. It fills me with a sense of calm, and I love the clean finish. Think am addicted. Call it my prozac.

"Some say the glass is half full. Some say the glass is half empty. I say are you gonna drink that."

Until Next Time

Sassy T

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